Continued planning of Napa Valley trip

In just a couple of weeks, we are heading back out to Napa.  Hoping to recreate the fantastic voyage that was LAST February’s trip out there.  The missus was annoyed because she stayed home while I went with the guys.  Yes, we took a guy’s trip to Napa Valley, and we had a blast.

So far, we have scheduled tours/tastings at my favorite, Newton Vineyard, and a new one, Artesa, and I’ve never had their wine.  Newton usually does a great food pairing with their tasting session, and the property is just breathtaking.  Artesa is going to let us drink straight from a barrel.  Hopefully using a straw.  The pictures of that winery look fantastic.

I’m waiting to hear back from another beautiful estate, Ferrari-Carano, to see if we get to tour there as well.

Other wineries we hope to stop at are Merryvale, Jessup, Inglenook (formerly Rubicon—the Coppola Estate), and Castello di Amorosa among many others.

Will keep this place updated as we go along, although my typing might become slurred after the first hour or two.  Napa Rule #1:  You don’t have to drink every drop from every glass they give you.  The first day of tastings is usually the most fun though, up until you learn that rule.