Napa Valley next week

Looks like we’re a week away from leaving for SFO and Napa Valley.  Finally heard back from Ferrari-Carano, so we have tours there, Newton, and Artesa.  That should be plenty of scheduled stops, and includes two I’ve never visited before.  I’ve heard good things about Artesa and Ferrari-Carano, but have never even tried their wines.

I found myself trying to figure out if we’d have time to swing over to Tahoe while we’re out there, but it’s probably best to leave things simple.  Besides, there are a lot of wineries to visit.  I typically try to cram in as much as possible on a trip, and have been told on numerous occasions that my schedule wasn’t even possible.  No sense messing up this trip, although usually I manage to work everything out.

Almost time to put on my wine tasting hat!